Jeanette Reese Tilton
1865 - September 22, 1926



Mr. and Mrs. Charles V Tilton, Prominent Fairmount Folk, Are The Victims.

Mrs. Jeanette Tilton, 64, of Fairmount, was fatally injured and her husband, Charles V. Tilton, Fairmount merchant, was seriously hurt Saturday afternoon when their auto crashed headon into a westbound passenger train on the C. & E. I. Railroad at the Sconce crossing, two miles east of Sidell, where the tracks cross the Sidell pavement.  The accident occurred about 3 o’clock.

The train crew picked up the injured and took them to the Sidell depot, where Dr. H. C. Holton was called.   The McCauley ambulance brought them to St. Elizabeth hospital in Danville.  Mrs. Tilton died at 3:30 o’clock without regaining consciousness.  She was terribly crushed, her right shoulder, arm, ribs and hip being broken.   She also suffered numerous bruises and was badly cut.

Mr. Tilton was .................after he had given his name and where he lived.  He regained consciousness about 4 o’clock in the hospital and gave his account of the accident.

Didn’t See Train.

He said he was returning from Olney, where he had visited his son, Claude E. Tilton, and was driving north on the Sidell pavement.  He also said he was not aware of the crossing, nor of the approaching train.  Members of the train crew said he drove directly into the baggage car.

The machine was dragged a distance of 79 feet.

Both occupants were thrown out.  Mrs Tilton.................. The car, a new sedan, was demolished.

The Tilton’s are prominent and wealthy residents of Fairmount.  Mr. Tilton having conducted a drygoods store there for 40 years.  Mrs. Tilton was born in Fairmount, the daughter of Joseph and Virginia Reese.   Forty two years ago she married Charles V. Tilton.   They had always lived in Fairmount.

Has Daughter Here.

.....Mrs. Tilton is survived by four children, Claude E. at Olney; Mrs Floyd Reese, Danville; Mrs. Ernest Cast, of Fairmount, and Miss Edith Tilton of Oklahoma City. The Casts left Thursday for Oklahoma to visit Miss Edith Tilton.

The dead woman was a prominent and active member of the Baptist church.  She also was prominent in social circles in Fairmount.

Funeral arrangements are withheld pending word from the daughters in Oklahoma. The body was removed to Berhalter’s and will be taken to the family home in Fairmount some time Sunday morning by G. W. McCauley, the Sidell undertaker.

Mr Tilton Has Chance.

Late reports from the hospital, were that Mr. Tilton was holding his own.  He has several sever cuts on his head and is badly bruised about his body.   Dr. F. W. Barton, who attended both Mr. and Mrs. Tilton, said Mr. Tilton has a good chance for recovery.

The injured man is a cousin of George and Clint Tilton, both of this city.

From Sunday Commercial-News - Sunday September 23, 1926


Charles V. Tilton, 64, of Fairmount; who was seriously injured Saturday afternoon when the automobile he was driving crashed into a westbound C. & E. I. Passenger train at the Sconce crossing, two mile east of Sidell, is said to be getting along fairly well at St. Elizabeth hospital.

Funeral services for Mrs Janette Tilton, wife of the injured man, who was fatally injured in the same crash, will be held at 10:30 o’clock Tuesday morning at the Baptist church in Fairmount, with the Rev. John H. Carstens, pastor of the First Baptist church, Danville officiating.  Burial will be in the Fairmount cemetery.

From: The Commercial-News - Monday, September 24, 1928

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