John E. Lemon (Lamon)

"The Quitman Texas Free Press appeared in Wood County in 1856 after John Brown's raid and contributed to growing fears of slave insurrectionsqv in Texas. The paper, edited by Winston Banks and published by Banks and Turner, claimed to be Democratic but soon revealed its intention to foster a discussion of slavery. (qv) Free-Soil in its sentiments and against filibustering efforts in Nicaragua, the paper aroused fears that abolitionists prevailed in North Texas. It was subsequently disclosed that John E. Lemon, an abolitionist, had been the owner, or at least a major contributor, to the Texas Free Press and had been expelled from the state. The paper had disappeared by the summer of 1857."

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Marilyn M. Sibley, Lone Stars and State Gazettes: Texas Newspapers before the Civil War (College Station: Texas A&M University Press, 1983).

Diana J. Kleiner

Handbook of Texas Online, s.v., (accessed September 14, 2007).   
"J. E. Lemon ceases his connection with the Press with the outgoing year."

From Vermilion County Press - December 22, 1858
Pensylvania State Archives Index Card - 0736 - John E. Lemon

Pensylvania State Archives Index Card - 0736 - John E. Lemon

Private John E. Lemon
Pennsylvania, Company E, 76th Regiment

Born:       c 1826, Berkeley County, Virginia (West Virginia)
Died:       Sept 5 1864, Andersonville Prison, Georgia
Buried:    Grave # 7938, National Cemetery, Andersonville Prison Site, Georgia
Married:  Mary Elizabeth Greer, c. 1856, Wood County, Texas
Drafted:   Oct 7, 1863, New Brighton, Pennsylvania

( 76th Regiment, Company E was recruited from Bedford County Pennsylvania beginning in August, 1861)

J.E. Lemon Andersonville

Andersonville National Cemetery

J.E. Lemon headstone

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