John E. Lamon / Ruth Ann Chenoweth

Gravesite of John E. Lamon
John E. Lamon
Born: May 1785
Died: 1846 Brook Point, Vermilion Co IL   
Married: Jan 3, 1811
Gravesite of Ruth Ann Chenoweth
Ruth Ann Chenoweth
Born: Dec 3, 1792
Died: Sept 25, 1849

In 1835 John E. Lamon and Ruth Ann Chenowith were involved in a civil lawsuit in Berkeley County, VA.  Once the case was settled, the Lamon's left Berkeley County.

Vermilion County Illinois records show that the Lamon's purchased their first real estate in 1837.  The Lamon's farmed in an area known as Brook's Point. "The Lamon Farm" was said to be three miles south of Danville.

The above monuments are at Greenview Cemetery in Fairmount, IL. Cemetery records do not indicate weather this is a burial or memorial only. The Lamon's youngest son and his wife, Dr. Charles Edward Lamon and Virginia Lamon, are buried nearby.

Greenview Cemetery, Fairmount, IL
Greenview Cemetery, Fairmount, IL

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