Lincoln and Lamon: Partners and Friends
Clint Clay Tilton

Transactions of the Illinois State Historical Society - 1931
Ward Hill Lamon Ward Hill Lamon Ward Hill Lamon Ward Hill Lamon Ward Hill Lamon
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      Clint Clay Tilton (5/10/1870 to 7/13/1946) was a local newspaperman and historian. The sources for "Lincoln and Lamon: Partners and Friends", for the most part, no longer exist. Mr. Tilton knew several of Ward Hill Lamon's old cronies, William (Bill) Prince, "Uncle Jame" Meyer and Bill Craig. They would sit by the hour in the lobby of the old Aetna House, Vermilion and North streets, and draw reminiscences from these men. Another of his Sources was retired newspaper man, "Chickamauga Jim" Kilpatrick, who was Lamon's companion in the grocer-beating affair. Tilton also had access to newspapers and letters since destroyed; unfortunately he left no notes and his article is not annotated.

From interview with Mrs. Tilton, October 29, 1948 by Lavern Hammand for his doctorial thesis "Ward Hill Lamon: Lincoln's "Particular Friend" at the University of Illinois in 1949.

Ward Hill Lamon Timeline by Bob O'Connor
Ward Hill Lamon

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