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The Lamon House is a Greek Revival Cottage built in 1850 by Joseph and Melissa Beckwith Lamon.  The Lamon House is believed to be the oldest frame house in the Danville Area.   Joseph is the cousin of Ward Hill Lamon,  Lincoln's law partner and bodyguard.
Melissa is the daughter of Dan Beckwith, who Danville is named for.   The home originally stood near downtown Danville on North Street, but was moved to its present location in Lincoln Park and was completely restored in the early 1980's.   The house is open Sundays from 1:30 to 4:30 (May thru October) or by appointment.
Laura Lamon Mott Bird

Author Bob O'Connor will be joining us again during "Arts In The Park" (June 24th and 25th).   Bob will be presenting Ward Hill Lamon and have his books "The Virginian Who Might Have Saved Lincoln and "The Life of Abraham Lincoln as President" available.

Join Bob on Friday June 23th, at the
Danville Public Library at 3 P.M.
for the presentation of Bob's latest book "Southern Oasis at Gettysburg".

A historical fiction account of the northernmost Confederate hospital in the American Civil War located across the road from Culp’s Hill at the Daniel Lady Farm.

The farm had been occupied by Confederate Major General Edward “Allegheny” Johnson division. General Johnson’s men fought two of the three days in battles at Gettysburg, mostly at Culp’s Hill.    The barn and farmhouse were used as hospitals for the division.

The author researched the regiments involved with Johnson’s division. He found out who the wounded from Culp’s Hill were from each regiment and put them in the two hospitals.

The final section of the book tells the reader what happened to each character of the book after the action at Gettysburg.

Bob O'Connor books on Ward Hill Lamon available at The Lamon House:

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2007 WDAN interview with Bob O'Connor

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